Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chrissy Anderson Woods, talented girl in modelling !

Assalamualaikum wbt.

harinie ekinn bukan nak cerita pasal diri ekinn, tapi Chrissy Anderson Woods gadis dari sarawak yang ekinn rasa memang berbakat dan ada muka komersial dalam bidang modelling. dia selalu join pertandingan Miss di Sarawak. jom tengok gambar-gambar cik chrissy ! 

kan dah cakap, cantik kan kan ? nak tengok gambar yang lebih banyak lagi klik sini fanpage fb dia >> Chrissy Anderson Woods FB & her twitter,!/xochrissy_aw . rasanya bebudak sarawak ramai jugak yang kenal ngan dia nie, terutamanya yang dari miri kan ?

Chrissy Anderson Woods said...

Chrissy Anderson Woods, 17 years old, born in Malaysia, was interested in modeling ever since she was 7 years old. Chrissy started modeling in the year 2006. Since then, she has done a few fashion shows, several photo shoots and also won a couple of beauty pageants. Chrissy also teaches girls how to catwalk/pose and also organizes fashion shows for her friends that own boutiques. Chrissy is very dedicated to fashion and beauty that she would like to open her own catwalk studio someday and also her own boutique. Chrissy has done well so far but according to her, her dreams are not yet accomplished. " I want to be on top, I want the world to know who I am ", said Chrissy. Well, all we know is, Chrissy will keep on trying no matter what, until she gets what she wants.

She's interest in...

She has been in a few beauty pageants. Miss Sarawak Regatta, 2nd runner up. Star Beauty Search, 4th place. Estee Lauder Model Search, Semi-Final round. Miss Gawai, 2nd runner up & she was titled Miss Popularity and Miss Best Eyes in the Miss Sarawak Race Queen 2010 Pageant and worked with amazing photographers during these competitions, She has done one commercial for the Chot Touch Street Tour Campaign and she's been in a few fashion shows for example, Kawaii Station Boutique, Fantasy Make-up and Paris Salon Hair Show. She also has been in a lot of photo shoots. She has done wedding gowns, evening gowns, portrait, themed, high fashion & much more. She has worked with Chris Studio, Ada Beauty, Onthemove, Chot Touch, Itemo Jin, Deballz Studio, Unisys Syndicate, Sony Centre, Affy Maruni, Khairul Danish and so much more.

  • I think she's got talent much in modelling . right? 

Dah baca komen, malas komen, like kan ^__^


  1. mmg cntik. comey je die

  2. comel!!
    mcm omputeh pon ade syaz tengok dia ni.. :D
    kee dia ni mmg kacukan omputeh ar?

  3. Dia kacukan germany. Hehhe.. Kalau x silap lah. Hehe

  4. kcak naa ehh. kdak urang puteh. camporan apa nya? bidayuh ka?

    1. melayu british...really a good friend. x sombong . you also can find her at her ig.

  5. nya kacukan germany mun sik silaplah ;D


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